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  • Cold Feet

    · By Toby Morrell

    I got cold feet one time and it changed my life forever. Now when I say cold feet, I mean literally cold feet. Most people don’t use “literally” correctly but I am. I didn’t back out of anything. My feet actually got extremely cold and that changed my life.   We traveled all over America for several years in a 2001 Ford E350 van. I love that van. It’s parked in my front yard as I write this. It’s done more for us and lasted longer than any other vehicle could have done. But there’s one issue that plagues me...

  • Sleeping With My Clothes On

    · By Toby Morrell

    I don’t like having to get dressed and ready in the mornings. It’s exhausting to have to pick out what I’m going to wear for the day. On top of that, I usually still end up thinking I look like shit after looking through my clothes fifty times. I suffer from decision fatigue. I can’t decide on what to wear, so I go through everything and then just pick something because I can’t stand it any longer. But I found a real cure for my brain touring with Emery. I do something that you might not expect. Hell, you might...